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Lake & Hot springs 3D/2N

Mt. Rinjani trekking is the most trekkers’ program choice and suitable for beginners. You will spend 4 days and 3 nights for Mt. Rinjani trekking  starting from Senaru village to Senaru crater lake, Hot spring, and finish at Senaru village.

Arrival day : The day you arrive at Lombok Airport or any of Lombok ports as Lembar/Bangsal, Teluk Kodek or from any main object tourist in Senggigi, Kuta Lombok, 3 (Gilis Trawangan, Meno, Air), you will be picked up by our representative staff, you are then transferred in Senaru hotel. After arriving in Senaru, you will meet us and be treated by welcoming drinks. You can meet your trekking guide and porters who will then brief and explain the trekking procedures and prepare your trips. Arriving at the latest 1 hour before sunset, then you can go to see the Sindang Gile and Tiu Kelap Waterfall the day before you start trekking. Note: you can arrive at the same day of trekking day. But we recommend you to come the day before trekking and spend the night so there will be no delays.



Our trekking tour begins at 7.30-8.00 am in the cool morning after registration at the Rinjani Trekking Centre Post 1 Senaru village (601). At the first 30 minute, we walk and enjoy the open views, green plantation consiting of coffee tree, bamboo, and  many others plantation belong to the local peoples in Senaru. After walking for about 30 minutes, we then reach the gate of the tropical rain forest and have short break for 10-15 minutes. After that we continue our trek through the jungle where we will be shadowed by the sun. Walking in the humid temperatures will protect us from the sunshine. During the long way up we will see and find many big trees, sound of the animal as black monkey /brown monkey. After three hours of walking, we will then reach and find Post 2 (1,500m) called MONTONG SATAS post where we can have a break and lay down to recover our energy while waiting for our guide and porters prepare some drinks crackers and fresh fruits such as banana and pineapple . Its time to go now! We are still in the middle of the tropical rain forest. We need time approximately 2 hours to reach Post 3 and during the trips we will find and see the local strawberry growing at the way up (on June, July, August). After two hours of passing Post 2, we will arrive at Post 3 (2,000m) called MONDOKAN LOKAK where our guide and porters cook for our lunch here and prepare fresh fruits and snacks. Beware! There are many brown monkey living here. They sometime will steal your small backpack so that make sure you don’t leave it away from you. After 1,5 hours, we have rest and continue to the Crater Rim (2,641m). At the first 25 minutes, we pass the Mondokan Lokak outing from the tropical rainforest and walk on the Savana on the hills with open views. The trail is quite steep but has beautiful scenery of the 40% over Senaru village called CEMARA LIMA. We then continue to Pelawangan Senaru Crater Rim (2,641m) for about one hour. We can arrange camping and over night with own dinner here. The trails are stony and quit steep up but we will find a great moment in our life from Senaru Rim views: Spectacular sunset over the 3 Gilis and Mt. Agung in pulau dewata  Bali, Sunrise from next to the valley of  Mt. Sanggka Reyang, Smoke throughout the hole of new volcano in the middle of Segara Anak Lake, Summit of  Mt. Rinjani 3,726m, a great experience of sleeping under the stars.



After having breakfast and enjoying the sunrise, we will go down to Segara Anak lake 2008 m, for approximately 2 hours. We have to be carefull as the route is quite steep down and slippery. Please wait the instruction from trekking guide and stay close with him or the porters, ask help to hold your hand just in case and make sure that your step is on the right way. During the long way down, the beautiful scenery will intimate your eyes and the more exciting views to capture is the baby of the volcano as if it is just in front of. Finally after 2 hours walking down from the Crater Rim, we will arrive at the lake, the place where we can have full relaxing. We can enjoy hot spring after10 minutes walking from the lake, where we can heal our skin as medicine and natural hot spa, have lunch and free leisure time. We can also enjoy swimming, fishing with local people on the lake, dinner and spending the night here.



After having breakfast and enjoying capturing the beautiful scenery of the lake,going up to the Senaru Crater Rim for 3 hours. We need to be careful of walking up the route and trail quite top and steep up and stony. we will go down to Senaru village for 4-5 hours back down. We will have break and lunch on the way between Post 1 or Post Extra ,then we will arrive at Senaru Rinjani Trekking Centre around 12.30 am to 13.00. Our private car will then bring to your next destinations (Gilis Island, Senggigi, Mataram or Lombok International Airport/BIL).

What is included:

  • Transport in and out
  • Welcome drinks and meals
  • Accommodation one night at Senaru Hotel (day before hike)
  • Certificates of Achievement Mount Rinjani
  • Guides and porters
  • Equipment (Sleeping bags, pillows, tents, toilet tent, mattress etc)
  • Insurance
  • Certificate 
  • 3 liters of mineral water / day / pax
  • Meals and drinks during the trip (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Waterfall guide and ticket

What is Excluded :

  • Head lamp/hand torch
  • Trekking shoes, rain jacket, long pants, gloves
  • Airline ticket
  • Extra porter
  • Small  bag/daily pack
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips for Guide and porters

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