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Full Day Perisaian (Culture) &Waterfalls

Senaru Water Falls

            In order to get to Senaru Waterfalls, there are three routes that visitors commonly take, both domestic and international visitors. The first is irrigation track, main track and local government track. Each of the routes has their own advantages. From the irrigation track, we only need 20 minutes to get to the destination through a flat and long road which has amazing view of bangket bayan and sea view as a whole and also a half part of the villages at Kecamatan Bayan at the north side. Meanwhile, the main track is located between the irrigation track and local government track. The view along this track is as equally pretty as the view from irrigation track. We can see the top of Rinjani Mountain and a half of bangket uban (traditional bangket uban). The road in this main track is in a very good condition, using permanent road shaped like 600-step stairs. The amount of time needed to get to Sindang Gila Waterfall is much shorter compared to the other tracks, but the road is slightly sliding down and will be a bit ascending when we go back. Meanwhile, local government track has a more beautiful view compared to the others since the road is located higher than the other two. Moreover, there is a specific area provided for the visitors to enjoy the view before they continue the rip to the water fall. This road is a bit descending compared to the other two roads.

The trip from hotel where you stay to Sindang Gila Water Fall will take 30 minutes long. Sindang Gila Waterfall is the most visited tourism object. Not only it is easy to reach, but it also has special charm of natural water which falls down from 35 m height on a hill shaped like stairs. There are various kinds of facilities such as small mosque, photo corners and bathing clothes rental every Sunday. After 30 minutes grasping the marvelous beauty of Sindang Gila waterfall, we will continue our trip to TIU KELEP Waterfall, the second waterfall, through a bit challenging track –a bridge and irrigation canal and crossing rivers twice to see the monkeys inhabiting the tall trees along the road. There are many kinds of tall trees and fruit trees of which becoming their food, whether they are black monkeys or brown monkeys. In about 30 minutes you will get to the Tiu Kelep Waterfall which is also known as air terbang (water fly). In this area, your sight will be satisfied with a well-formed waterfall of which naturally shaped like a pond (tiu). Moreover, there is a huge waterfall coming from the highest land surrounded with another waterfall on the second level spreading downhill, forming an extremely marvelous waterfall.  Furthermore, the reflection of light to the water-fly forming a breathtaking rainbow that you will never see in other places. Around the waterfall, there is a green wall covered in moss and in the East part of the waterfall you will find a small blurry cave. This is the place for the visitors to take a bath. However, you are prohibited to swim straight to the water fall due to the heavy torrents of water that leads to fatal risk. After about an hour enjoying the beauty of the waterfall, we will go back to hotel through the previous route but we need to take the 600-step stairs first.

Traditional Village of Karang Bajo – Ancient Mosque – Art Shop – Perisien

            Right after you arrive at Karang Bajo (traditional village), your guide will take you to go around the villager’s houses in that particular village, and he will explain about the activity, habit and the way of life of the people in traditional village of Karang Bajo. Traditional village of Karang Bajo consists of the Traditional Residence of customary officials or the stakeholders, they are Amak Lokak Gantungan Rombong, Amak Lokak Pande, Kyai Lebe, Singgan Dalem and Amak

Lokak Penguban. After taking a round at the traditional village, we will continue our journey to the Ancient Mosque of Bayan (20 meters away from the traditional village) in 20 minutes tour complete with the explanation about the history and the structure of the building of the ancient mosque, then we will enjoy the view of nature in the form of traditional fields. Ancient Mosque which is now used for ceremonial purpose for traditional ritual and as one of the evidences of history of Islam invasion in Lombok. Around the Ancient Mosque, there are some graveyards of the ancient figures such as the graveyard of Desanyar, Sesait, Reak and Titi Mas Penghulu.

            After that we will continue our journey to Art Shop of woven cloth of Bayan Traditional Villagers. In this place you will be able to see the process of Bayan woven cloth making and about the function and history of the weaving process. We can also buy the handicrafts of Bayan Traditional Villagers as souvenir.   It needs 3 hours for us to visit the traditional residence, cultural sites and art shop. Then we will go back to the traditional village in which the top event of this trip which is watching Perisean art performance.

            Perisean is one of tradition of agility contest between two men using rotan as bats and animal leather for shields. The contest is accompanied with the performance using traditional music instruments in order to make the contest more exciting. Perisean is played by professional from Lombok Island


            Presean fight is known as agility and manhood symbolism for the young men and Sasak men in Lombok. The Perisean fight is done by two men who hit each other using bats made of rattan called as penjalin by Sasak tribe. They are armed with shields made of cow’s or buffalo’s thick and hard skin called ENDE of which the shape is similar to one owned by Captain America. The player is called as pepadu. Sometimes, pepadu has their own nicknames as the appreciation of their achievement. The game led by one referee who is called as pekembar. There is also a game led by side referee who observe the fight  who is called as pekembar sedi.

            Both players or pepadu met in the middle of the ring, shirtless, wearing a headband called as sapuk (as the identity of Sasak tribe) and also particular sarung as the identity of each pepadu group. A stick made of rattan which length is approximately 1 m (penjalin) used as a bat is hold in the right hand, and the shield on the left. By this, the players or pepadu are ready to fight, watched by the spectators.

            Supporting Art of Peresan Fight

            Presean is accompanied with traditional musical instruments played by at least 6 persons comprised of two gendang, one petuk, one set of rencek, one gong and one seluring. The types of music (gending) played in the arena are:

  1. Ngalokang music/gending (to stimulate the player’s energy) which is played when the jury or pekembar is looking for a player or challenger from the spectators seat who is willingly have a battle in the arena.
  2. Mayuang Gending (Ready Music) refers to a music played as a sign that the pepadus are ready to fight. At this moment, pekembar gives a signal to the spectators to cheer as a support for the players.
  3. Fighting gending (fighting music) refers to a music played to cheer, to support and to increase the emotional atmosphere during the fight along with the screams from the spectators to support each pepadu. Each pepadu, within the fight, shall dance as the form of tease the rival.

Some essential factors above, whether it is the clothes, music (gending) and also the supporting art, is a form of distinction that agility and manhood contest art called peresean is not a street fight. Instead it is one of the cultural value and art that has a deep meaning and contain a cultural issue inherited from the ancient figures of Sasak tribe.

Tour Itinerary :

  • 08:30 – Pick up at the hotel
  • 09.30 – Star go to Senaru waterfalls
  • 10.30 – Visit & enjoy the sindang gile waterfall
  • 11.00 – continue to Tiu Kelep waterfall
  • 12.00 – visit & lunch in Traditional karang bajo
  • 13.00 – visit to traditional Mosque & Art Shop
  • 14.00 – perisaian
  • 16.00 – Back to hotel
  • 17.00 – Arrive at hotel

Regular Tours Price :

  •  $450 USD (min 2 person max 4)
  • Inclusion : Car +  English Speaking guide + porter + Entrance Fee + mineral water + lunch + softdrinks (coca-cola, panta or sprite)


  • Bonus sunset in beach
  • Minimum booking 2 persons.
  • Tour duration between 8-10 hours
  • Get special price for group booking
  • The tour is Private Tours, means there is no other participant, just only you and your companion

Tour Guide can be requested, contact us if you want to request Tour Guide during the trip Time and Tourism site is subject to change based on your request.

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