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How to trek Mount Rinjani in one-day trek ?

How to trek Mount Rinjani in one-day trek ?

You are a traveler who do not have a lot of times or you want to trek Mount Rinjani but you do not have enough money to buy a normal package such as:

4 days3 days and 2 days. Don’t worry!!

One-day trek to Mount Rinjani is available and has a lot of enthusiasts for it has several advantages compared with other packages as: low price, travel time saving that can be utilized for other planning, and you can enjoy the beauty of the world-famous Mount Rinjani. Before trek, you can enjoy the natural beauty at the foot of Mount Rinjani as two waterfalls in Senaru, Coffee Plantation, Senaru traditional house, ancient mosque, traditional rice fields and sunset in Harbor etc


Even before getting to Senaru, both from the Airport, Senggigi, Bangsal and etc, you can enjoy the beauty of Gangga waterfall by extra fee of IDR 200,000 or you can take in to Santong village to watch the Tiu Teja waterfall by extra fee of IDR 300,000.

The are two alternatives for one-day trek to Senaru crater rim or one-day trek to around Rinjani (crazy trek) as follows:

Trekking at midnight (between 23.00 – 02.00 AM) to enjoy the beauty of Mount Rinjani at sunrise. Or for those of you who do not want to stay at a hotel in Senaru or Senggigi, you can directly make the climb by managing the time travel plan.

2. The trek in the morning (6:00 AM) is recommended for those who do not want to travel at night.

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